Thursday, January 27, 2011

Well it certainly is easy to have a spend-free day when you're snowed in! Philly was hit with something like 15 inches of snow overnight. Our street didn't get plowed until around 2 pm, city buses were not running, and the long walk to the El would require me to traverse walkways that would be mostly unshoveled. So...I declared a snow day and worked from home.

Bagels for breakfast. Leftover pork chop and pasta (withOUT pea shoot pesto, thank goodness) for lunch. Dinner was a quickly made meal of more leftover pasta, broiled chicken cutlets (from the storage freezer), defrosted BASIL pesto that was made over the summer from our veggie garden basil, and green beans (also from the deep freeze).

Dinner literally took 15 minutes to make, which was awesome. I grew up in a house with very little culinary variety, so I make a real effort to make different things as often as possible. The "30-minute" type recipes that I've found in the past are usually unhealthy or unappealing. You know the recipes I'm talking about...the ones you find on the side of a Campbell's can or at the Kraft website. I just can't do those. I learned more uses for a can of cream of mushroom soup from my mother than I care to ever remember. Sometimes, however, making a new recipe means that dinner takes for. ev. er. to get on the table.

Anyone have any good, quick recipes that are both diverse and healthy?

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