Saturday, July 31, 2010

Week #10

We had to skip a couple of weeks due to the Europe trip, but I wanted to keep our CSA journey on track. It's technically only week #8 for us, but since the CSA is in week #10, we'll stick with that. As we drove to our pick-up, this week, I worried about being stuck with yet another week of beet and scallion overload. But clearly there was a birth of crops while we were away because this week yielded some new and exciting options that we can't wait to eat!

spring mix
squash blossoms
green tomatoes
heirloom tomatoes
cherry tomatoes
carrots (they are red, purple, and yellow - just like the ones we saw in Paris!)

The squash blossoms and tomatillos are in red only because I've never cooked them before. I do have some ideas for them. Green tomatoes are in yellow for the same reason, except that I DEFINITELY know what I'm going to do with those! I put cucumbers in yellow because we got alot of them and I'm not quite sure how to use them all.

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  1. That's so funny - I wasn't even aware that carrots came in any other color other than orange, until I noticed that purple carrots are all over baby food. Now I see them everywhere. As for the tomatillos, I feel like a made a delicious Bobby Flay salsa from them at some point in my life. Good luck, Laura!