Thursday, August 6, 2015

Firing it up...

Has it really been two and a half years since I posted anything here?  I've been feeling inspired lately and thought maybe I should try to write a weekly post.  Ideally, I'd like to buy a URL, get a custom design, and really try to make something of this, but baby steps.

So what's happened since January 2013?  Let's see:

1) I ended up losing a total of about 50 lbs and have plateaued for the last year and a half or so.  One of my goals in starting up this writing again is to get back on that train.

2) In the fall of 2013, I decided to train for and run a 5K for cervical cancer in memory of my mother.  I figured I'd stop at 3.1.  Well that wasn't good enough so I trained for the 2014 Broad Street Run, a popular 10-miler in Philly.  Finished it.  Since then I've tried to train twice for a half marathon but was unsuccessful due to other updates that will reveal themselves below.  I'm now training for the third time and determined to git'er done.  I have a loose goal of completing a sprint tri by the time I'm 40 but that requires more weight loss.  See where I'm going here?

3) Also in the fall of 2013, my beautiful niece M was born in California.  Due to a variety of circumstances, she ended up in foster care just days after birth and we were asked if we would consider taking her.  We never hesitated for a second.  My husband and I began the arduous process of flying one of us to the west coast once a month for visits.  We opened our home to various agencies to qualify us as her foster parents.  Finally, after nine long months, M came to live with us in Philadelphia.  She is now almost two and we are working to adopt her.  She and her "big brother" C (now 4) are our awesome little crew and we couldn't be happier.  But training with that sort of schedule was tough.  So attempt #1 for a half marathon was out of the question.

4) This past winter I was on half-marathon attempt #2 when I came down with what I thought was a horrible cold that I'd caught from the kids.  But when my entire right shin swelled up and I became delirious, I knew it was more.  I landed in the hospital for four days with a case of cellulitis that was a combo of a strep infection gone wild and something that got into my system through - wait for it - a blister I got from running.  My doc and I still suspect that there might be some sort of auto-immune issue at play, but nothing major.  I have adjusted my training to be more yoga and running focused so that I'm not potentially causing adrenal fatigue. Nonetheless, the recovery from that stint was long and attempt #2 was down the drain.

5) We're finally building our new house!  It took nearly three years, but we are almost done with the money stuff and a builder is waiting to get to work.

6) Due to an awesome promotion at work, I'm still traveling but with more long distance, so I am working to incorporate healthy eating and exercise while I'm on the road.

That's all gotta be good for a few posts, right?

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