Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My blood sugar can kick your blood sugar's ass...

Sorry I've been MIA. It's not because of lack of ideas for the blog...it's really just been a lack of time. I'm an educational fundraiser by day and I'm currently one person in a department that usually has three. PLUS, I'm going on maternity leave in six weeks. It's a bit crazy up in here.

But, I have had time to start writing a weekly post for The Shopping Mama blog, which was founded by my college friend and former work colleague, Kate Marsh Lord. Check out my first post here which will update you on the diabetes saga and give a little insight into what I'm doing other than working and trying to find cool things to make from CSA materials. I'd like to parallel the Shopping Mama posts with writings on here that relate to the foodie side of whatever I'm talking about. We'll see how that goes.

As far as my food life is concerned, it's a bit boring these days thanks to the ol' gestational diabetes. The one highlight has been my husband's unending support of the dietary changes I've had to make in light of this condition. It's hard to imagine, but I was most upset that I'd have to stop making super delicious meals for him every night. But he has eaten everything I have to eat and has made every effort to eat the heavily-carbed food outside of my presence (even though I tell him it's okay to munch in front of me). The other day, he asked me if lentils and bulgur were on my diet and I said yes, as long as they were measured carefully. He then took it upon himself to research and make mujadara from scratch, which we ate with light whole wheat pitas, a touch of hummus, and some pickled veg. It was awesome...and we're still working through the huge batch every day for lunch or dinner. I think it might become a staple even after the GD process is over.

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  1. Congrats on the new posting gig. I will head on over to check it out. Sorry to hear about the gestational diabetes. I'm having my glucose test this Saturday. I might be joining you...